Clinical Medicine (MBBS)

Duration 6 years
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥30,000 (RMB)
Teaching Language English

Program Infomation

I. Name of specialty: Clinical Medicine (M.B.B.S.)

II. Duration: 5 years plus 1 year internship

1.Training objectives

1.1Training objectives

Based on our country’s undergraduate education of clinical medicine, WFME (The World Federation for Medical Education) and GMER (Global Minimum Essential Requirements in Medical Education), and consulting the requirements of medical education from source countries of international students, the program is to cultivate senior medical talents who could conform to government requirements, contribute to country development and engage clinical, teaching and research work in medical and health units with basic medical skills, capability, responsibility, research ability, lifelong learning ability and good professional quality.

1.2 Basic requirements of MBBS educational system

(1) Ideology and morality

Have ideal, morals, knowledge, discipline, ideology and morality, social responsibility, behavior norms and professional ethics, love medicine and health career, cherish life, love patients, have spirit of humanitarianism, lifelong learning, self-improvement, honesty, exploration and cooperation. Be willing to struggle for the development of health and body and mental health of human forever.

(2) Professional Quality

Have generous natural science knowledge, solid basic medical theory, certain preventive and rehabilitation medicine knowledge and ability, systemic basic theory, knowledge and skill of clinical medicine, and strong clinical, thinking and practical ability. Master the basic ability in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of common and frequently-occurring disease. Be familiar with national health work guidelines, policies and regulations and initially master basic knowledge of epidemiology and basic skill to handle public health emergencies. Have scientific and rigorous work attitude and keep learning. Understand the basic principle of TCM diagnosis and treatment.

(3) Humanistic quality

Have good cultural cultivation and moral sentiment. Be courtesy, honesty, industrious, thrifty, civilized, honor teachers and esteem truth. Love medicine, respect life, and have good medical ethics and capability of patient-doctor communication. Respect people, and understand their background, religions and traditional culture. Have strong legal consciousness, and learn to use law to protect patient and self. Be able to use modern information technology skillfully, and have certain scientific research ability and basic quality and development potential to participate in modern medical science and technology competition.

1.3Period of Study: Six years

1.4Main subject and course

(1)Main subject:

Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine

(2)Main course:

Human systematic anatomy, Histlolgy and Embrylolgy, Regional Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pathology, Medical microbiology and immunology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, epidemiology, Hygiene (excluding statistics), diagnostics, internal medicine, surgery, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Basic Chinese, Introduction to China, Introduction to Sociology.

1.5 Degree granting

Accomplish the professional curricula according to the teaching plan during school (189 credits), complete elective courses and get adequate credits (2 credits), complete practice task (50 credits), complete required credits of extracurricular training (6 credits), pass the graduation exam (4 credits) for granted graduation. Graduate students who meet the "Bachelor of Xuzhou Medical College awarded work rules" (Provisional) regulations are conferred the degree of Bachelor of Medicine.

1.6 Main practice teaching stages

50 weeks. Each department for the clinical practice must conduct examinations. Comprehensive examination of clinical practice skills is conducted after the practice.

2.Enrollment requirements:

1.The IELTS score at least 5.5, or the relevant certificates of English as the working and learning language for university study.

2.Photocopy of the high school degree certificate obtained

3.Study Plan

4.Official transcripts of high school

5.An official report of physical examination

6.Application form of XZMC

Graduate Degree: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
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